Collection: Cosmic Fauna — Canvas Collection

Galactic art enthusiasts, hold onto your space helmets! ROTT the Cosmic Bear has just released their latest collection, "Cosmic Fauna," featuring exotic metallic fauna from across the galaxy. With this new collection, the ROTT takes us on a journey to otherworldly dimensions where the creatures are wild and the art is out of this world.

The "Cosmic Fauna" collection includes 100 paintings that showcase the Cosmic Bear Artist's unique style and creativity. From the sleek and shiny "Ardentium Anxietium" to the majestic and mysterious "Fantorium Gloomium," each painting is a testament to the artist's imagination and skill. Timed Released to keep you coming back for more. The collection is sure to delight anyone that appreciates overt and covert beauty. Fans of science fiction, fantasy, and cosmic art will be extra tickled by so many of the tongue-in-cheek references.
ROTT the Cosmic Bear, Candid portrait


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